Flip Flop Foundation 1st Annual Fishing Tournament and Fish Fry

Flip Flop Foundation 1st Annual Fishing Tournament and Fish Fry

We will be hosting two tournaments on Saturday October 4th, 2014.  Striper and largemouth bass with separate weigh ins and payouts for both. USA Fishing Trails will be running both tournaments. Please register at USA Fishing Trails and come enjoy a day of fishing, food and entertainment supporting the Gabe Carter Family.  Gabe Carter passed into eternal life on Sept. 21, 2013 due to an unfortunate health issue while fishing on Lake Ray Roberts leaving behind his wife Mallory and their 1 year old son Bowen.  All proceeds from this event will go to the Carter Family to help with household expenses and to begin a college fund for Bowen.  Your support and donations are appreciated. There will be a live band and fish fry beginning at noon during the weigh ins. Please plan to attend and support the Carter Family if you are not in the fishing tournament, all Flip Flop Foundation friends and friends of friends are welcome.

Business owners, what better way is there to generate good will in the community and entertain clients than to sponsor a Flip Flop Foundation event?  Click/Tap Here for more information.

NEWS FLASH!  The Striper Tournament registration link is HERE.  Tournament Rules are below.


RULE CHANGES: In the event of a rule violation, the Tournament Director (TD) may impose such sanctions as he deems appropriate, including, without limitation, disqualification, and forfeiture of prizes, entry fees, and prohibition from participation in subsequent tournaments. The decision of the TD is final.

TRAILERING: Contestants will be allowed to trailer at all Striper tournament lakes (to help minimize the ramp traffic at the registration check in sites, keep angler fishing times equal, and allow anglers to return to the weigh in sites by water, when possible, or, to trailer back when they desire).

PARTICIPATION and ELIGIBILITY: Anyone that has been disqualified from any fishing tournament must inform the TD before entering a Striper tournament (*being disqualified from a previous tournament does not automatically prevent entry). Participation in Striper tournaments are open to contestants who are 16 years of age or older. A wavier must be signed by a parent or guardian for contestants under the age of 16. The TD will reserve the right to disqualify entries. During tournament hours, every boat must have Boat Liability Insurance with effective dates (for the tournament date).  There is no minimum, but you must have coverage. These will be polygraph questions. This is a team tournament and there can be up to six adult contestants (16 years of age and older) in one boat and each contestant must reel in their own catch. Rods must be assigned to a contestant before trolling, casting, etc. Absolutely no exchanging of fish between other anglers or contestants in the boat. A Team will weigh in the biggest two fish caught between them. Guides may enter the tournaments and contestants may fish with a guide in their boat

CHILDREN: A minor under the age of 16 may enter the tournament as either an adult or a minor child. If they enter as an adult all Team rules apply. If they enter as a minor the entry fee will be $20 per minor contestant and the payout will be a 100% payback on a % basis to all minors who enter. Example: 5 minor entries x $20 = $100 paid back on a percentage basis. 1st place = $30, 2nd place = $25, 3rd place $20, 4th place $15 and 5th place = $10. Note: All minor children under the age of 16 must sign a waiver.

MEMBERSHIPS and ENTRY FEES: The Striper tournaments have no membership fees. The Striper tournament adult entry fees will be $200 per team (two anglers per team). A minor, under the age of 16, can elect to enter as a minor and not be part of the team. The minor entry fee will be $20 and one fish per minor can be weighed in.

PAYOUT: The Striper tournaments will payout 80% of the adult entry fee collected on a one per five paid entry basis. Example: 30 paid contestants would payout 6 places. 20% will be kept by USA FT to cover the expense of the tournament. A payout sample may be seen on the USA FT website.

CULLING and LIMIT: The Lake Texoma TP&WD regulations will apply to the tournament. Contestants may keep up to 10 Striped bass and no culling is allowed. Two striped bass over 20” are allowed to be kept as part of the 10 fish limit. Only the largest two stripers caught by each adult team may be weighed in. One fish for the minor contestant may be weighed in. All fish will be returned to the contestants. The fish should be kept on ice after they are caught and will be returned to the contestants after they are weighed.

PRE- FISHING, FISH LOCATING and POLYGRAPH: Registration may be completed on line with a credit card, by mail if sent the Monday before the tournament or by entering the morning of the tournament. There will be a $10 late fee if entering the morning of the tournament and a 3% convenience fee if entering with a credit card. Only cash or credit cards are accepted the morning of the tournament. There are no off limits, except from midnight until the posted start time on the day of the tournament. Start, stop, and weigh in cut off times are posted on the www.usafishingtrails.com web site on Tuesday prior to the tournament date. Contestants can also contact the Striper TD by phone, email, or at the registration check in location. During the tournament hours contestants may not have the assistance or advice of anyone for the purpose of locating or catching striped bass other than from another contestant. No one is permitted to “hole sit” for contestants. Communication devices may be used in the event of an emergency or for reasons other than catching or locating striped bass. By entering the Striper tournament, each contestant agrees to abide by all Striper contest rules, Federal, State and Local laws. All contestants are subject to a polygraph examination, which may be administered to winners, randomly, or in the event of a protest, or they will risk disqualification.

OFFICIAL DESIGNATED OBSERVER and OR FILM PERSON(S): The USA Fishing Trails officials may request that an observer and/or film crew is allowed to follow or ride in a contestant’s boat during tournament hours. The contestant(s), by signing the entry form, agree to let USA Fishing Trails use any film, photos, audio and or written accounts of the activities during the Striper tournament, weigh in, and award presentations for reasons relevant to the USA Fishing Trails program.

SAFETY and CANCELATION: Safe boat conduct must be observed at all times by tournament contestants. During tournament hours, each contestant is required to wear a Coast Guard approved life preserver. This life preserver must be worn anytime the boat is on plane. The preserver must be strapped, snapped or zippered securely and maintained in that condition until the contestant reaches his fishing location and the boat is no longer on plane. The TD may cancel and reschedule the tournament based on severe weather or other factors that might endanger the safety of the contestants. Contestants will be notified about tournament rescheduling on the USA Fishing Trails web site and through the BLT E-newsletter. It is the contestants’ responsibility to check the web site and/or E-newsletter.

SPORTSMANSHIP, FISH ALTERATIONS or CHEATING: Contestants are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety, and conservation. Any infraction of these fundamental sporting principles may be deemed cause for disqualification. During all tournament/contest hours, no contestant shall use alcohol or drugs other than those prescribed by a physician. This will be grounds for immediate disqualification. Maximum courtesy must be practiced at all times, especially in the vicinity of any other boaters. Alteration of a fish from its natural state is prohibited during a contest. The adding of weights, modifying fish tails, or any other method used to alter fish length, stuffing foreign substance(s) into the fish, or other alterations, is prohibited during a contest. It will be the contestant’s responsibility to notify the TD of hooks, weighted hooks etc. left inside the fish before the fish is weighed, or they risk disqualification.

TACKLE, EQUIPMENT and LANDING FISH: Vinyl or rubber coated nets are recommended to land fish. Artificial or live bait may be used. Multiple rod and reel combinations may be used by each contestant at any one time.  All stripers must be caught live and in a conventional sporting manner. The contestant who reels in the fish will be considered the angler who caught the fish. Any fish brought to the scales must be weighed in by the person who caught the fish. Anyone guilty of snatching or snagging visible fish will be disqualified. All visible fish must be hooked inside the mouth. During tournament hours, contestants cannot leave the boat to land a fish but may leave the boat to retrieve a bait or for other necessary reasons.

HORSEPOWER REGULATIONS:  No motors may exceed the maximum Coast Guard rating. This rule is to prevent an altered or factory motor from exceeding the boat’s horsepower rating.

BOAT, MOTOR and BREAKDOWNS: For the safety of all, boats must be equipped with some type of ignition kill switch. This device must be attached to the driver any time the combustion engine is operating. All boats must be 15 feet or more in length. Only manufacturer approved gas tanks are permitted. Stick and tiller steering boats are prohibited. In the event of a break down, contestants may contact another contestant to bring their catch back to weigh in. The contestant from the disabled boat must accompany the catch back to the weigh in. Contestants may contact the TD by phone or wave down other boaters to ask for assistance. However, the contestants’ disabled boat catch must be brought back to the weigh in location by another tournament contestants’ boat either trailered or by water before the weigh in cut off time, unless otherwise approved by the TD.

BASIC BOAT EQUIPMENT: Contestants’ boats must have all required safety equipment. In addition, it must have a functional bilge pump.

PERMITTED FISHING LOCATIONS:  All contestants may only fish on the tournament lake specified on their entry form.  Anglers can only fish in tournament lake water that is accessible by boat from the dam (the main lake). No fishing within 25 yards of another contestant’s boat which was first anchored or secured in a fixed position with the trolling motor out of the water. Striper contestants must be at least 25 yards away from all tournament contestants when the trolling motor is down or the combustion engine is trolling. All such boats are required to advise any other contestant of being too close. Contestants cannot use this rule in boat lanes or other narrow passages to block passage to commonly fished areas. All angling must be done from the contestants’ boat. Contestants cannot leave their boat to make the boat more accessible to fishing waters. Contestants must observe all posted Federal, State and local off limits areas.

CONTESTANT REFUNDS: Contestants may get an early entry refund, if approved by the TD before the tournament date. No refunds will be made the morning or the tournament unless it is a valid emergency or medical reason.

START AND STOP FISHING TIMES: Official time will be set to match cell phone network time (we understand there can be a small discrepancy between providers – the purpose of this rule is to allow all contestants the same amount of fishing time. If you have any questions regarding official times, please contact the TD. Contestants who are posted on the USA Fishing Trails web site as early entries may leave their launch sites on the tournament day at any time prior to the start fishing time. All contestants may start fishing at the official “Start Time” (Posted on the USA FT web site one week prior to the tournament date, and given at morning registration, based off of “Safe Light”). We caution contestants to be careful, if they choose to travel on the water before safe light. Contestants who are registering on the morning of the tournament will get their boat number, start, stop, and weigh in cut off time at the registration location beginning at 5:00 AM. All contestants must stop fishing (have their bait out of the water) by the times posted on the early entry list on the USA FT website. Contestants will check in at weigh in location by assigned boat number given on the USA FT website or at the late registration the morning of the tournament. Contestants will be disqualified if they do not check in, with their catch before the cut off time posted on the USA FT website. Polygraph questions will be asked regarding start and stop fishing times.

OFFICIAL REGISTRATION & WEIGH IN LOCATION: Official registration sites will be noted on the USA FT web site and a tournament official will be there by 5:00 AM on the morning of every tournament. There will be only one official weigh in location and a tournament official will be there by 10:00 AM (at the latest), and will accept contestants’ catches until the weigh in cut off time. All contestants must be registered to obtain a boat number and to get start fishing, stop fishing, and weigh in cut off information. Boat numbers will be assigned in the order received by mail and online first, and then resumed on the morning of the tournament at the tournament registration location. Striper tournament early entries, post marked by Monday before the tournament, and online credit card entries received by Thursday before the tournament, may get their information prior to the tournament date off of the USA FT web site and do not have to come by the morning registration location. Tournament officials suggest early entry contestants and online credit card contestants print a copy of their information or write it down. Contestants will need their assigned boat numbers at the weigh in. If a contestant mailed, or submitted online, their paid entry, but are not posted on the USA FT web site before the tournament date, the contestants can call the TD to resolve the situation. If the situation cannot be resolved with proof of paid entry, before the Monday post marked date or Thursday online cutoff date, the contestant(s) must come to the registration location on the morning of the tournament and register again. USA FT officials will work diligently to investigate the cause of the situation, and to find a resolution at the tournament registration, or as soon as possible at a later date. Striper contestants who enter the Striper tournament on the morning of the tournament will be charged an additional $10 late fee per team.

REMOTE OR OFF LAKE REGISTRATION AND WEIGH IN LOCATIONS: The USA FT tournaments may use remote or off lake registration and weigh in sites for some tournaments. The same registration and weigh-in procedures will apply.  The registration and weigh in site will be posted on the USA FT website.

FISH CARE: The contestants should weigh in, as soon as possible, upon returning to the weigh in site. The tournament catch should be put on ice immediately after the fish are on board the boat. Anglers will keep their catch after weighing in.

SCORING:  Contestants’ standings and final winners will be determined by the weight of their catch. Weights will be documented in decimal pounds to the nearest one hundredth of a pound. Only Striper Bass will be weighed. Each adult team may weigh in their two largest Striper bass caught. Example: 1st place = 15.76 lbs. 2nd place 11.34 lbs.

TIES: In case of a tie, all cash money will be split between the contestants involved. In the event of a tie where a boat or other prize is awarded that cannot be split, the contestant(s) with the two largest Striped bass will be awarded the prize. If this is not possible, the TD will flip a coin and the winner will be awarded the prize.

PROTESTS: All protests must be signed and submitted in writing within 10 minutes of the final weigh in time.

PRIZES: All prizes and angler results will be posted on the USA FT web site. Pay out schedules and angler prizes are determined by the number of paid entries and sponsor participation. Contestants who are eligible for prize money should not leave the weigh in location before the weigh in is completed without notifying the TD. The Prize money will be handed out at the conclusion of the weigh in and polygraph examinations.